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Forex trading

Forex trading covers about 5trillion dollars daily by just the act of trading foreign currencies and precious assets. It comes with a lot of strategies. dormantinvestment has successfully secured 0.04% of the daily forex revenue by effective use of Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Fibonacci etc. This serves as a high way of generating a lot of revenue for investors

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Real Estate

Real estate is a $217 trillion-dollar market making up almost 60% of all global wealth. It’s the largest source of wealth, yet it is illiquid for 99% of the world today. In the past, you only had access to real estate if you were rich or had rich friends–meaning that most people weren’t able to benefit from the passive income and capital appreciation it provides.. Today, oakcrests cut out the expensive middleman and provides access for investors, by investing in shares of real estate using cryptocurrencies.

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Irrigation & Drainage

Modern day agriculture won’t be realistic without some of the most expensive machinery put in place for it. Agriculture is the future of industrial raw materials and the world food supply. oakcrests being a diversified and forward-thinking investment company has ventured into this sector of investment… Today, oakcrests channels its resources into its various farms spread across the globe in order to generate daily profit for its investors and secure the future of the global food supply

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